What is a Peloton?
If bicyclists ride in a group, or what is known as a Peloton, they are stronger and they can go farther, faster. Riders trade the lead position with each other during the course of the ride, so the team as a whole remains strong.
This is the Peloton Productions philosophy of film and video production.
It is collaborative, with creative inspiration contributed by each member of the production team, including the clients.
Sometimes the producer leads, sometimes the writer, or the director of photography or the editor.
Or sometimes it's the production assistant who brings everyone coffee.
It's a team.
It's a Peloton
Peloton Productions is a full-service production company based in the San Francisco Bay Area who works with an outstanding group of producers, directors, camera men and women, writers, editors and musicians.

Our high standards of production quality and integrity have allowed us to produce award-winning programs covering a wide range of subjects.

Our wealth of experience allows us to provide creative solutions.