Thomas Cohen
Manager of Steel Head Films, LLC

Thomas Cohen is an entertainment lawyer and litigator who began his career working (for seven years) in television production at KQED-TV and PBS.

Following that, he produced, directed and was the general partner of two independent feature films: hungry i Reunion, starring Jonathan Winters, Bill Cosby, Mort Sahl and The Kingston Trio; and Massive Retaliation, starring Peter Donat, Marilyn Hassett, and Jason Gedrick.

Mr. Cohen has a B.A. from Colorado College, was a special student in film and television at New York University, earned a M.A. in visual design from the University of California, Berkeley, and received his J.D. from Hastings College of the Law.

As a lawyer, Mr. Cohen has negotiated agreements for his clients with such companies as TriStar, Turner Broadcasting, Disney and Sony Pictures Entertainment. He has successfully litigated against major distributors to recover underpaid and misallocated artistsí royalties.