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March 25, 2010

Fly or Worm?

Zach Gilford on set of "The River Why".

“The difference between fly fishers and worm dunkers is the quality of their excuses.”


Fly or Worm?  It’s an age-old debate and one that may not be resolved any time soon.

“Fly fishing is possibly one of the oldest fishing techniques, the first reports date back to the early 1700′s,” Marcel Bernard writes, and “many fishers consider fly fishing as an art.”

“There is a big difference between casting a line with traditional fishing techniques and fly fishing techniques,” Bernard continues. “With traditional fishing the weight of the bait or lure leads the line in the water. The fly fishing fly is too light to lead the line into the water and it needs to be done a different way. The line is thrown onto the water and the stream sends the fly to the exact place where the angler wants it to be.”

This debate is personal for Gus, the main character and narrator of The River Why. His parents, while deeply loyal to each other, are polar opposites:  his father is a famous fly fisherman and his mother is a down-to-earth plunker of worms.  Their opposing views on how to catch a fish are the source of turmoil and hold the secret to a family myth about the famous catching of Najinsky.

Gus tries to keep peace in the family by becoming an expert at both forms of fishing, but throughout the film he becomes “the Mozart of fly-fishing.”

So where do you fall on the fly vs. worm debate? Leave us your comments. We look forward to reading them.


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