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June 25, 2010

June 23 – A great night for The River Why, Friends of the River and California Trout

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June 23 was an amazing night!  Many thanks to our sponsors :  Patagonia, Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters and The Orchard Hotel.  They made it possible to have all of the proceeds of the event go directly to Friends of the River and California Trout.

And many thanks to Lucasfilm and ILM for letting us use their gorgeous and technically perfect theater.  The film looked and sounded incredible. Cathy and Kenn were great to work with.

The evening started at the Presidio Social Club.  Great hors d’oeurves and wine.

Then it was over to the theater.  Many more thanks to the TRW cast and crew who joined us:  the beautiful, talented and wonderful Kathleen Quinlan (“Ma”) – who turned into quite a fisher person herself.  Our great director/editor Matt Leutwyler.  Our scriptwriters Tom Cohen (full disclosure – he’s my much loved husband, too) and John Jay Osborn, Jr.  Our co-producer and fish biologist, Josh Murphy (who took care of all living, dead and puppet fish), and three of our Executive Producers:  Shari Quinney, David Quinney and Jun Tan.

And a most special thanks to the fabulous women who put the whole evening together:  Harriet Moss, on the board of FOR,  Shannon Moon, Outreach Manager at Cal Trout and Ann Krcik – event producer extraordinaire.

We hope to have more partnerships with river and fish conservation groups in the future.  Stay tuned.

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