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July 26, 2010

Wild or Farmed?

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There’s a scene in “The River Why” where Eddie confronts a politician about farmed fish.  The debate is taken up on NPR‘s “Fresh Air” program with host, Terry Gross and Paul Greenberg, the author of Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food. It’s a very interesting and enlightening discussion.  Check it out:

July 19, 2010

“The River Why” at Rhode Island International Film Festival

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Escape the heat of summer:   “The River Why” screens Saturday, August 14 at 3pm at the VMA Arts and Culture Center in Providence, Rhode Island.  For tickets, go to:

July 16, 2010

“The River Why”: Best Narrative Feature, Best Actor Awards!

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July 15, 2010:

The Alaska International Film Festival announced “The River Why” won the Best Narrative Feature awardZach Gilford won the Best Actor award for his lead role as “Gus”.

Here’s the scoop from

The honor of Best Narrative Feature was given to “The River Why”,  directed by Matthew Leutwyler (USA). Based on the novel of the same title, this coming-of-age story is about Gus Orviston, who leaves his eccentric parents in the city for what he thinks is fly-fishing bliss along the banks of a wild river. It quickly turns into a journey of self-discovery and the meaning of life. Most of all, it is a love story: the love of a man for the wilderness and for the beautiful woman who comes to share it with him.

The honor of Best Actor was given to Zach Gilford in “The River Why” directed by Matthew Leutwyler (USA). Gilford gives an outstanding performance playing protagonist Gus Orviston in this coming-of-age story about discovering love in his connection with nature and his relationship with a beautiful woman.

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