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March 29, 2011

From The River Why: Titus’ car – “The Carp” is for Sale!

“The Carp” , a 1959 Rambler Sport, 2 door,  must move from its present location outside of Portland, Oregon.  Our production designer, Tyler Robinson, describes its current state this way:

“Basically, the current condition is similar to these but with more dirt, cob-webs and maybe a wasp nest or 2. The kitchen is still installed and all of the major elements are intact but some of the dressing is missing. I still have the back seat for it if someone would like to reinstall it. I should probably mention again that it was running and then was parked for a year or two and I tried to start it a few months ago and it wouldn’t turn over. I’m sure its nothing a mechanic couldn’t take car of without much trouble.
It really is a beautiful car and if I had time and money to fix it and space to store it I would love to get it road worthy but I’m short on a few of those things so…
Anyway, somebody will be very lucky to have this thing.”

Anyone interested, please contact me!  Best offer, please!  It’s a collector’s item.

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