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April 24, 2013

The River Why now on Hulu Plus!

HI All,

We just learned yesterday that  The River Why is now available on Hulu Plus.

Here’s the link if you’re a subscriber:

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You can still buy copies of the film from us at and get it on Amazon, Netflix and Showtime, among others.



July 6, 2012

The River Why on Showtime

Hi All!

We have more screenings of The River Why coming up on Showtime.  For more info, go to:

Have a fun weekend!

April 1, 2011

“The River Why” at University of Puget Sound April 8; River clean up April 9

There will be a special screening of “The River Why” at Rausch Auditorium at the University of Puget Sound on April 8 at 7 pm.  The event will be preceded at 6 pm by a conversation with the producer, Kristi Denton Cohen (me) , and Todd Ambs, the President of River Network, a national organization whose mission is to empower and unite people and communities to protect and restore rivers and other waters that sustain the health of our country.

On April 9, University of Puget Sound students and other volunteers will be  joining members of the Puget Creek Restoration Society to clean up Puget Creek. Those interested in volunteering are welcome to either meet at the President’s House on the University of Puget Sound campus at 8:40am (in order to walk over), or meet at Puget Creek at 9am. Gear will be provided. Signing up ahead of time (by contacting is preferred, though not necessary.

The students at the University are doing exactly what I hope other viewers of the film will be inspired to do: not only enjoy the film, but follow that up with action to protect the rivers and fish it so beautifully portrays.  April 9 is also my birthday, and this is the best present ever!

February 26, 2011

Amber Heard’s New Movie and More

HI All,

Be sure to check out Amber Heard’s new film, “Drive Angry -3D”.  Starring  Nicholas Cage, it’s a wild ride and she’s getting great reviews.

We’re just back from the Sedona International Film Festival and the Geography of Hope Film Festival.  All screenings were sold out and we got a great response from the audiences.  Both festivals wrap this weekend, so if you’re any where near Sedona, AZ or Point Reyes, CA , I hope you have a chance to go.  Great festivals, good people and gorgeous scenery.

And lastly, here’s an interview done during the Mill Valley Film Festival with yours truly:

February 17, 2011

Upcoming February Screenings of “The River Why”

HI All,

We’ve got several great screenings of “The River Why” coming up.

The Sedona Film Festival ( is screening “The River Why” on February 20 at 8 pm and on February 22 at 9:10 pm.  We are really looking forward to this festival in such a gorgeous setting.

On February 24, “The River Why” is screening at the “Festival of the Fly” in Hood River, Oregon. (  A significant portion of the money raised by this event will go to stream restoration in honor of Glen Haack on both the big White and the Hood River … Friends of the White Salmon.Org.

As many of you know, I’m a big believer in “Active Cinema” and look forward to future screenings that will raise the profile of issues around river and fish conservation.  We’ll have more news about that and our summer limited theatrical release in the weeks ahead.   Thanks to “Festival of the Fly” for sharing our goals.  I’m always open to other great ideas on how we can share information about these important issues, so please get in touch with me if you have any thoughts or new social media ideas.  I’d like to make it a win/win for both the film and the non-profits with which we’re working.

On February 25, at 7 pm in Point Reyes, CA, “The River Why” is the opening night film for the first ever “Geography of Hope Film Festival”. This year’s theme for the festival is “Reflections on Water”.  All of the films will spotlight eco-conscious, water-related issues.  It will also feature art installations by the amazing David Best, who has erected incredible sculptures at many Burning Man events.   More information about the festival and their beautiful trailer is at:

Our next screening will be at the Omaha Film Festival on March 5 at 4:15 pm.  (  We are quite honored to be invited to this festival and hope many of you will be able to attend.

Then, it’s on to the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capitol. on March 21 at pm (at American University).  (  This festival explores explore one of the most controversial and timely topics of our day: the critical relationship between energy and the environment.  Check it out.


November 26, 2010

Great Review from St. Louis International Film Festival

Great Review from!

Review by Dana Jung

Using a river as a metaphor for life is nothing new. Many books and films (think A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT) have made use of this strong and compelling image. The winding path of water, sometimes running fast with rapids, other times eddying into quiet pools and lagoons, teaming with a variety of river life, and so on. The potential for symbolism is endless. The new film THE RIVER WHY can safely be added to this long list. Beginning as a slow and thoughtful hodgepodge of philosophical ideas, the movie ultimately becomes a sweet-natured love story.

Zach Gilford (TVs FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) is Gus, a young man living under the double weight of his father’s minor but overbearing fame as a fisherman & author, and his mother’s constant bickering with his father. When they argue, he says, “it’s not who’s getting the last word, but who’s getting the next word. One day, he decides he’s had enough and leaves to live in his own place by the river, so he can do what he loves: fish. What starts out as an ode to angling, though, soon begins taking detours into the philosophy of religion and life, tossing off lines like, “The way that goes ahead often looks as if it went back.” But after meandering along in its first half like a slow current, this RIVER hits its stride in the second half as the banks narrow, and we even get some rapids (sorry, too much?) as the romance carries the movie to its emotionally satisfying conclusion.

Director Matthew Leutwyler (THE OH IN OHIO, another nice love story driven by offbeat characterization) effectively intercuts the lure and beauty of nature with the fine performances of his excellent cast. Gilford is funny and appealing as the awkward Gus. Veterans William Hurt and Kathleen Quinlan are simply wonderful as his parents, creating memorable characters from small parts that could have easily tipped into caricature. William Devane provides some much-needed humor as a grizzled journalist and fishing enthusiast who befriends Gus. And Amber Heard (literally miles away from her roles in ZOMBIELAND and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS) shines in perhaps the most pivotal role in the film, as the girl of Gus’s dreams. This talented young actress has shown such range in her performances, stardom has to be just around the corner.

Although it may take some patience on the part of the viewer, THE RIVER WHY, like a sunny afternoon spent fishing in a shady pool, will eventually yield its own small rewards.

November 11, 2010

The River Why in St. Louis, MO

HI All,

The St. Louis International Film Festival opens tonight.  It’s a great fest.

The River Why is screening there on Saturday, November 20 at 4:15 pm, at the Tivoli.

Saw a review by Alice Telios, of, today:

“(Director Matthew) Leutwyler may be able to turn any city slicker into a lover of the outdoors.”

City slicker, or not – be sure to check it out!

November 8, 2010

“The River Why” wins Audience Award!

Last night, the Naples International Film Festival presented director, Matthew Leutwyler, the Audience Award for “The River Why”!

Many thanks to the Naples audience and to NIFF.  This is terrific!

November 2, 2010

Zach Gilford at Savannah Film Festival

Check out this great article about Zach and “The River Why” at:

November 1, 2010

Three Great Film Festivals this weekend!

Hi All,

Three great events coming up this weekend – and three great opportunities in three different places to see the film, greet our star who plays “Gus” , Zach Gilford, meet our director, Matthew Leutwyler and support a good cause.

Zach Gilford will be appearing at the Savannah Film Festival on November 5 at 9:30 pm for a special screening of “The River Why.

That same night, a little further south, our director/editor Matthew Leutwyler will be appearing at the Naples International Film Festival in Florida for a screening November 5 at 8 pm.  The film will screen again on November 6 at 12 pm and on November 7 at 11:30 a.m.

The filmmakers of “The River Why” donated 25 tickets to veterans from Walter Reed Hospital who are participating in Project Healing Waters so they could see the film when it screens at the Alexandria Film Festival (Virginia), November 6  at 7 pm.   Project Healing Waters is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and veterans through fly fishing and fly tying education and outings.  For tickets, please go to:

Have fun,


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