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The River Why Movie
You can fish all your life never knowing
it's not fish you're after ...  
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April 24, 2013

The River Why now on Hulu Plus!

HI All,

We just learned yesterday that  The River Why is now available on Hulu Plus.

Here’s the link if you’re a subscriber:

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You can still buy copies of the film from us at and get it on Amazon, Netflix and Showtime, among others.



August 16, 2010

One of our partners on the special benefit screening of “The River Why” last June, California Trout, has come up with a pretty amazing way to spread the word that “Cold, clean, fresh water is the most important resource of the 21st century and that fish are the best indicator of a healthy watershed.”

Shannon Moon, the Outreach Manager for California Trout, is going to bicycle 1400 miles across California to deliver this important message.  I worked with Shannon on our special event in June and she is one great, energetic, fun and committed lady.  Please lend your support to her great cause!

(and don’t forget to add “The River Why” to your Netflix queue!)

June 18, 2010

Special Benefit screening SOLD OUT!

A special benefit screening of “The River Why” on June 23 at the ILM Premier Theater in the Presidio (San Francisco) is SOLD OUT!!  The screening benefits Friends of The River ( and California Trout (  Special sponsors are Patagonia, Leland and the Orchard Hotel.  Many thanks to all!

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